Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vans X Bad Brains

Roaming the city today and saw this:

A double panel billboard announcing the collaboration (theoretical) of seminal hardcore punk band Bad Brains and skater clothier Vans! Note: this is a distinctly different collaboration than the Supreme X Bad Brains X Vans collection introduced last spring. For the Vans/ Bad Brains collection, it seems they went more for a practical usage of the images associated with the band when they created the kicks:

The insoles and the soles are kinda dope too:

Apparently, a few select bloggers got the drop on the collection last summer. But the joints are officially on the rack this spring. However, I have seen a few pairs pop up on Ebay already. But the page listed on the billboard ain't even up yet...that's how fresh this sh*t is:

I'm tryin' to holla at them lightning bolt joints. Trust and know that I will be keeping an eye out. I know I clowned them Cali kids The Pack for that wack ass 4 minute commercial called "My Vans," but it looks like I will be officially sporting my first pair very soon if I get my hands on a pair of these. I rep DC and Bad Brains all day. Ain't no bubble gum fad bidnezz here.

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