Sunday, September 21, 2008

:.:Cool shit:.:

Yo, how dope is this!? A USB Stick in an old school cassette tape incasing that stores 60 minutes of music (roughly 64 MB)!! Just like them old Certron joints you used to pop into your LaSonic to tape the DJ Red Alert radio show!

And it's available in 6 different cartridge styles!!

I always lamented over the fact that the digital medium killed the concept of the double sided album. The experience has been lost on the younger generation. I can only offer my deepest condolences. And maybe this latest USB stick incarnation won't bring back the good old days of going down to Albee Square Mall and copping the latest DJ Hollywood mix. But aesthetically, it's a cool reminder of simpler times. When hip-hop was thirsty and your favorite producer used to make pause tapes for the lunchroom MCs to rhyme over. Guess I'll be coping one soon. Nostalgia is a bitch. Check out the Suck UK site for more info.

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