Saturday, September 20, 2008

::Dear Yeezy...::

After listening to the lead single from your forthcoming album 808's & Heartbreaks, I'm compelled to inform you that:

1. The Auto Tune/ vocoder revival is dead. Just like Neo Soul and fat laces. As much as T-Pain wants to claim the bragging rights for bringing it back, it was actually Cher with her 1998 single "Believe." So jumping on a trend 10 years after an aged pop star old enough to be your Grandmother makes you look that much less of an innovator. Step your game up.

2. The track and lyrics are booty. One step away from happy hardcore and techno pop. I could SO see an Eiffel 65 remix of this.

3. No matter how many versions of this song you release (or leak) still sucks.

YOU make the call. Listen here.

All this minimalist, flat production with Auto Tuned vocals is just depressing. Speaking of...did anybody happen to see Lil' Wayne and his Karaoke/ Guitar Hero hot mess of a performance of "Lollipop" on Saturday Night Live recently? No? Bon appetit!

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