Wednesday, September 24, 2008

:.:Love At First Beat::Akai XR20:.:

"I hope that you're the one."

"If not, you are the prototype."

"I think I'm in love...again."
- Andre 3000
"Prototype" 2003

I know this lil box has its limitations. But with the economy on the downslope, I've been wondering
when Akai was going to make a scaled-down, affordable version of the MPC. Enter the Akai XR20.
I know, I doesn't sample. That might be a big problem for most beat makers that I know.
And most of you might be more partial to the Roland SP-404. Both are portable, battery-operated beat machines. Both list between $450-499 (you can find them on most of the big audio gear sites for about $100 cheaper). But the Roland does sample. Only thing is the Roland doesn't have on-board sounds. But the Akai has 700 drum and synth factory preset sounds. And the Roland supports flash memory, has a built in mic, and 29 on-board effects. And...

Um...yeah. These are two different machines with two totally different purposes. I guess their price range and portability are the only criteria that lumps them together.

Hmm...I think I'll save my money for the time being.

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