Thursday, September 18, 2008

:Godfather Still Runnin' The Joint::

Even though its been almost two years since the Godfather of Soul made his transition, his musical legacy continues to resonate in popular music. But there was also another side to Mr. Brown:

Yeah. Um...we're all aware that celebrities have always been known to act a fool in public, but this is pushing the envelope. And according to public record, this example is only the tip of the iceberg in his repertoire of fiascos and hijinx. However, this is the James Brown that I choose to remember:

Here's 22 cuts of super dynamite soul courtesy of Dj Un.D.Fine to satiate your soul power jones:



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//DJ Dmadness// said...

be sure to cop this Devil's Pie set too:

live mix by DJ Dmadness (Oakland, CA)
recorded at SF soul party Devil’s Pie
all vinyl selections

1 i will be your friend
2 smooth operator
3 slave song
4 hang on to your love
5 never as good as the first time
6 pearls (somalia mix)
7 paradise
8 turn my back on you
9 kiss of life
10 clean heart
11 cherry pie
12 war of the hearts
13 keep looking
14 the sweetest taboo
15 tar baby
16 love is stronger than pride (mad professor remix)
17 king of sorrow (guru remix)
18 cherish the day (ronin remix)
19 is it a crime
20 no ordinary love
21 by your side (the neptunes remix)
22 your love is king