Thursday, September 18, 2008

:.:New Yorker Festival::October 3-5, 2008:.:

This is going to be like a 3-day intellectual orgy. My kind of party. Kinda pricey too. Tix are $25 a pop. In some instances, it might be well worth it. Here's a short list of the folks I'm planning on going to see:

* Malcolm Gladwell: “The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes”
2 p.m. Ailey Citigroup Theater
Joan Weill Center for Dance ($25)

* Where I Come From
With Sherman Alexie, Shalom Auslander, and Junot Díaz. Moderated by Carin Besser.
9:30 p.m. Angel Orensanz Foundation ($25)

* Race and Class in America
With Barbara Ehrenreich, Thomas Frank, John McWhorter, Leslie Sanchez, and Cornel West. Moderated by David Remnick.
7 p.m. Town Hall

Additional speakers include Oliver Stone, Matt Groening, and Stephen Colbert.
There's also supposed to be a talking bike tour of Governor's Island. Hmm...interesting.

Hit up the New Yorker for more info. Tix are on sale now...hurry!

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