Sunday, September 21, 2008

::The Foreign Exchange:Leave It All Behind:Sampler Download::

After an excruciating four year wait, Nicolay and Phonte are back with the follow up to their brilliant debut Connected. The transcontinental Instant Messenger backstory was a PR dream. But being that Nicolay has since jumped ship from his native Netherlands to North Carolina, their connectedness is stronger than ever. And from the sounds of this sampler, they've definitely upped the ante. With new hands on deck like Muhsinah and old mainstays like Darien Brockington and Yazarah, Leave It All Behind sounds like it's going to be an equally dope affair. Oh, yeah...the cover of Stevie Wonder's "If She Breaks Your Heart" gets a nod from the kid.

Download the one-track sampler mix here.

1. Take Off The Blues
2. All Or Nothing
3. Something To Behold
4. If This Is Love
5. If She Breaks Your Heart

In stores October 14, 2008! Stay tuned to The Foreign Exchange site for updates.

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