Tuesday, September 30, 2008

:.:Why Americans Stay Swole:.:

I'll never eat one of these bitches again. Especially since I'm lactose intolerant. As Americans, we have been duped into buying into excess in all aspects of life. Increasingly concentrating on the self, we excessively consume goods to satiate our emotional deficits. We overeat to soothe our varied states of depression. The truth is, the human body doesn't need copious amount of fuel if it is not highly active. But then again, when food is being promoted in every facet of life...it's kind of hard to resist.

The availability of food in our country versus others is unparalleled. This is why you see more obese Americans than you do Indians or Asians (in their respective countries, that is). In fact, malnutrition (which can often result in growth stunting) is rampant in Eastern countries like Bangladesh and India. So much so, it severely limits the amount of work they are able to perform on a daily basis. Even though India is becoming one of the fastest developing countries behind China, 70% of the population is involved in labor intensive unskilled work. So all the folks in middle America (and the peripheral states too) who drive to 90% of their destinations should probably fall back on the grub. Knock some of that gravy off your plate. Stock pile some fresh greens instead of Frito Lays. Yeah, your moms might have given you the old 'there's starving children in Africa' spiel when you were young. But just take it as a way of making you appreciate what you're given, not an encouragement to be a fat ass.

If you haven't seen Super Size Me

or King Corn

you should probably Netflix 'em. Once you discover just how much the FDA and the food corporations of this country really give a shit about you, your heart will overflow with thanks and praise. Yes...I'm being sarcastic.

"People overeat then run away from what comes of it. It never made sense to me. At the restaurant I sometimes wished I could follow the food runner with a mirror so people could see the pouches that rested on their laps. They would see the food they did not need. See what misery they would face after escaping the misery of whatever they were running away from. How does one run to what they are running from?"
- Livingroom Johnston
from the novel I Don't Want To Think About It Right Now (2006)

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