Sunday, June 14, 2009

::"Between Coincidences" Photography Exhibit::Fourth Arts Block 6/19-9/12::

Alex Harsley is a tad eccentric. Well...maybe more than a tad. But if you know me well, I tend to gravitate toward the eccentric. Needless to say, this kat definitely piques my interest. His vibe takes you back to a period when free jazz was king and names like Ornette Coleman, Archie Shepp, Sun-Ra, and Art Ensemble of Chicago were left-of-center luminaries in their prime. And with over 50 years of photography under his belt, his expansive portfolio definitely tells tales that most have only read about in books and seen in documentaries. He's photographed celebrities and historical figures alike in the most candid situations. And starting this Friday, Fourth Arts Block will unveil a collection of his works entitled Between Coincidences in an unconventional manner: outdoors on scaffolding. From the vantage point of the Cuppa Cuppa coffee shop, you can view the collection in all its glory on E. 4th Street, between 2nd Avenue and Bowery. The collection of astonishing black & white photos chronicles a city's journey from recreation, ruin, and resurrection over the past half century. In the meantime, feel free to roam over to E. 4th Street and visit Alex's photo gallery/ studio at 67 E. 4th Street for a taste of the exhibition to come. For more on Alex, go here and here. For information on the exhibit, go here.

4th Street (1984)
-Alex Harsley

Opening takes place on Friday, June 19, 2009 from 6:00PM-8:00PM
Exhibition will run from June 19 to September 12, 2009
Viewing hours from sunrise to sunset (outdoor installation)

ArtUp Streetside Gallery / East 4th Street between Bowery and 2nd Avenue
Best viewing spot is in front of Cuppa Cuppa 75 E. 4th Street
Metro: F,V to 2nd Avenue / 6 to Astor Place

Opening reception will begin at 6:00PM at East Fourth Street Gallery, 67 East 4th Street. All guests will receive a FREE FAB Pass, providing discounts to shows, readings, classes, and workshops. Viewers should take advantage of FAB Fridays and purchase tickets to shows as low as $5 for viewing that evening. FAB Friends will receive a complimentary open edition digital print courtesy of Alex Harsley.

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