Saturday, June 13, 2009

::Jazmine Hearts Cotton::

While checking my email today (YES...I'm still on Yahoo Classic!), something in one of those annoying banner ads that I usually ignore caught my eye:

It seems that Philly's princess of soul has gone from bustin' windows to hocking fabric. In a marketing twist for an American mainstay, Cotton Incorporated has lassoed the celebrity power of three notable women in entertainment for their new advertising campaign (Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Lambert, and Jazmine Sullivan). The angle of the campaign is to exhibit the versatility of cotton as an apparel fabric while demonstrating how three distinctly different women incorporate cotton as a fabric into their individual fashion sense.

Each page allows you to peer into the world of each artist and explore their individual wardrobes in relation to different cotton prints and designs. Um...I guess. In premise, it sounds like an interesting concept for marketing a product that seemingly needs no marketing. You have three young women in three distinct categories of musical celebrity (sassy R&B chick, actress/ singer-songwriter, reality competition show-winning country singer) who individually appeal to broad cross sections of impressionable young females with disposable income. However, the pages aren't really consistent. Miranda's page is the most engaging, while Jazmine's is just a bootleg Google map with half the fabric swatches in the StyleMap listing giving a "no street view available" message. If this doesn't deter you from visiting the site, then the song download page just might. Each artist composed a tune incorporating the company's slogan "The touch/ the feel of cotton/ the fabric of our lives" as the chorus. least it's free?

It goes without saying that this is quite an unconventional marketing choice for Jazmine. Hmm...Zooey too. But Miranda's heartland appeal definitely lends to this type of marketing. And pardon me for pointing it out, but does anyone else feel that there's something inherently ironic yet disconcerting about Jazmine singing about cotton for a Southern-based cotton corporation? Just a thought.

But don't take my word for it...see if for yourself. Check Jazmine's page here. Zooey's page here, and Miranda's page here.


Anonymous said...

i saw that commercial on TV and was like...huh??!?! Sully? IS that you?...Well go head and pay dem bills!

P.S. Classic for life..I hate the new yahoo! those side banner ads take up too much dang room!


Superbizzee said...

Yeah. I'm sure record sales ain't cutting it for her right about now. I can't be too mad at her tho. Could be worse. She could be pop lockin' in some Hammer pants in a commercial for Geico insurance.