Saturday, June 6, 2009

::Twit Buggin' Me::

First MySpace. Then Friendster. Then Facebook. Due to friends sending me invites and making me feel like the old man at the party that still uses words like "shindig" and "hootenanny," I submitted to all three waves of online social networking. But I had to draw the line somewhere. Twitter was just a little too ephemeral for me. Besides the fact that I've become a huge conspiracy theorist in recent years (big brother is still watching), I just couldn't wrap my rational mind around the concept of Twitter. Why would you want to keep folks that updated with the minutiae of your day to day life? And confine yourself to 140 characters in the process? It's a bit too invasive in premise and impractical for me. As if text messaging and mobile web browsing don't already keep our thumbs busy enough on those tiny qwerty keypads throughout the course of our days. Personally, I've always thought Twitter was a stupid idea in theory. And as this article in Metro NY clearly outlines, based on a Harvard study, not as many folks "tweet" as we've been made to believe. Now...hopefully Twitter will go the way of the Von Dutch trucker hat. In one season, out the next.

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