Monday, June 15, 2009

::First The Fat Boys Break Up::

Now this. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a divorce petition was filed by Usher in Atlanta this past Friday. Damn. And supposedly Mr. Confessions has fallen head over heals for another chick. Hmm.

Now I ain't no Wendy Williams, but I guess Tameka is getting a dose of that good 'ole what-comes-around-goes-around potion, being that she left her husband to jump the broom with Usher a little over two years ago. And hollywood divorce must be in the air, because just a few weeks ago Nas & Kelis' divorce news hit the streets and newsstands. And she hasn't even given birth to their son yet! Damn...can't NOBODY stay together. SMH.

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Uni Aum said...

What'chu'talkin'bout Superbizzee, "can't NOBODY stay together"?

SOMEbody BEEN STAYing together:
Bill & Camille Cosby, Denzil & (Miss) Pauletta Washington, Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith, Oprah Winfrey & Steadman Graham-- that's right: Oprah & Steadman. Ain't Lauryn Hill & Rohan Marley still-whatever-they are?

Suspect that uRsher & Tameka had a Michael Jackson-Debbie Row-type agreement to only stay together to birth them 2 babies. Very suspect that uRsher came public with Chillie then Tameka when THE rumors of rumor started (ala Whitney Houston-Eddie Murphy- Bobby Brown, Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, & Alicia Keys).

Kelis should have been clued how Nas could be when he dissed his ex-baby mother after she slept with Jay Z. But then he took up an label-venture with Jay. Maybe Kelis needs to stop being the "Bossy" vamp & get back to being the "I Hate You So Much!" belter not to be messed over....