Thursday, June 11, 2009

:::Soul Power::T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY!!!:::

Wha g'wan, people! Every now and then, I have some goodies to share with my folks. And today happens to be one of those days! Remember the film Soul Power I hipped y'all to last month? To celebrate the July 10th theater release of the Jeff Levy-Hinte concert film Soul Power, Miss Wit Designs (who, by the way, is the official merchandiser for the Soul Power film release - beware of them eBay knockoffs) is sponsoring a T-shirt giveway with Superbizzee Chronicles!!! The shirts feature the text and artwork from the original shirts distributed at the 1974 concert!

Here's the catch...there's a bit of trivia involved. The first person to correctly answer the two-prong question by Friday, June 19th wins!!

The Zaire 74 concert was conceived and organized by two individuals: a musician and a music producer.
A.) What is the name of the producer?
B.) What Grammy-winning pop group did he produce albums for during the 1980s ?

The clock is officially ticking. Submit answers in the comments section and make sure to sign in with your Blogger/ Google ID!

For details on the shirts, go here.

For more of Miss Wit's designs, hit up her site here!



kymmie kym said...

produced by Stewart Levine and Hugh Masekela ( I SAW HIM IN CONCERT WIT MEEMS!!!)

Stewart Levine produced lionel richie


fug said...

stewart levine also produced simply red

Superbizzee said...

@ Kym: Close, but no cigar. Lionel Richie is a solo artist, not a "group."

@ fug: Simply Red did not have the honor of winning a Grammy award.