Monday, June 8, 2009

:::NYC High Line Park::Opening Day 6/8:::

It's finally here.

After years of lobbying...


blood, sweat, and tears...

New Yorkers finally have a semi-green refuge from peeing-crapping dogs, noisy skateboarders, and indifferent cyclists & rollerbladers.

Lose yourself in the architecture and quasi serenity of the NYC High Line.

Relax on the 10th Avenue observation deck.

Indulge in environmentally friendly goodies courtesy of The City Bakery offshoot, Birdbath.

Take a sip of cool, refreshing municipal beverage.

Damn...I should consider a career in writing copy.

...anyway, for opening day it wasn't half as crowded as I thought it would be. Entrance and exit points are kinda limited, since only one section of the line is officially open as of now. Do yourself a favor and check the High Line website for visitors information before you stroll over...or call the information line at 212-200-6035.

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