Monday, June 1, 2009

::I'll Never Fully Discredit A Conspiracy Theorist Again::

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Over the past 5 years underground conspiracy theories movies like Zeitgeist, Zeitgeist Addendum, Wake Up Call, and 4th World War began to circulate over the internet. Most of the claims these films boasted were almost immediately dismissed as cockamaimie war vet conspiracy theories by many. But as history has taught us, you need only sit back and critically observe as events unfold in public to determine the intentions of covert plans made in private. As Zeitgeist laid out for us, the Real ID (a ubiquitous identification card used for travel between the United States, Mexico, and Canada) was in the works years ago. But, of course, everyone thought it was a Photoshopped fabrication among other things. Well folks, recent developments have buttressed these conspiracy theorist claims. The Associated Press recently announced that as of June 1st, the federal government has officially changed border procedures for land and sea travel between the north and south borders of the U.S. While this new form of identification is not called the "Real ID," its premise is essentially the same. And all in the name of Homeland Security. As the late, great Nina Simone sang, "It's a new dawn/ It's a new day." SMH. Read more here.

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BTW...Here's a tidbit I left out that should send you on a Google chase:

In addition, "Trusted Traveler" cards and "Enhanced Driver's Licences" are also accepted forms of identification for traveling to Canada and Mexico.

More info here: