Friday, June 5, 2009

::Georgia Anne Muldrow Es Para Las Flores::

One of my favorite musicians will be releasing yet another full length joint in July (7/14). All I gotta say is prepare yourself. Her talent is incomparable. If you ain't heard of Georgia Anne Muldrow, something is seriously wrong homie. I'll spare you the bio run-down. As a teaser, check her skills on the track "Roses." It's so dope, a version featuring Mos Def will be released this coming Tuesday (6/9) on his 4th album The Ecstatic (Downtown). We'll call that Version B. Ms. Muldrow thought it equally a dope jawn, including a solo version on her upcoming album Umsindo (Koch). We'll call that one Version A. Which one is mo' fire? You make the call:

Version A.

Version B.

With the album artwork and the song title in mind, I think I'll hike it to the BX tomorrow and visit the New York Botanical Garden and marvel at the beauty of nature for a few hours. It does wonders for the inner city psyche. Now, see? That's the mark of the type of artist we need more of today: one whose art inspires you to do something positive and constructive.

Shout out to the Frolab squad for posting Version A and Georgia Anne for posting Version B.


Anonymous said...

her album is being released on somothaship connect/epistrophik peach sound.

Superbizzee said...

Thanx for the correction.