Sunday, June 14, 2009

::The Roots Weekly Jam @ Highline Ballroom::

I haven't managed to bring myself to watch a full episode of The Jimmy Fallon Show. I've heard good things; I've heard bad things. But the main reason being is that I still haven't fully accepted that The Roots' repertoire now includes holding it down as the house band on a late night talk show. I can't really hate on these kats stackin' some network paper and getting more visibility, though. And of the benefits of their being in NYC 5 nights a week for this gig is that beginning March 5th, they've started a weekly jam session on Tuesday nights over at the Highline Ballroom to flesh out new ideas and collaborate with other artists in town.

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This is an extension of their annual Grammys jam session. Word has it that you never know who just might drop by to sit in or get on the mic. It seems like each session is blogged into the stratosphere by everybody and they mama. Everybody but me. **sigh** So, alas, I too have hoisted myself onto this bandwagon. But I only blog about it because I dig The Roots and I'm finally going to go over and check out the jam session this coming Tuesday. C U there?

For more info, go here.

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